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          Financial support during Covid-19

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          人们枢纽 has been set up as an emergency response to Covid19 to provide essential support to individuals during this current situation.


          The service is for people:

          • Currently employed but worried about what their employer is telling them, or they’re about to be furloughed or made redundant
          • Looking to retrain or develop new skills
          • 自雇人士 and need guidance
          • Unemployed and wondering what options are still open to them


          This telephone hotline provides critical information in relation to their immediate job and skills concerns.


          人们枢纽 works alongside the existing Growth and Skills Hubs to provide individuals (as opposed to businesses) with a similar service by collating what is happening and providing links to other organisations and agencies who can provide more personalised and in-depth support. 



          人们枢纽 adopts a partnership response to Covid-19, consisting of a multi-agency team of knowledgeable personnel.

          A telephone hotline 0333 0150699 is available between 10am–5pm, Monday–Friday, with an out-of-hours messaging service.

          人们枢纽 规定: 

          • immediate information, advice, and guidance;
          • signposting to organisations and projects with specific expertise and delivery capacity (including other ESF projects, Council services, and voluntary and community support).


          人们枢纽 将  provide advice in relation to any health-related enquiries. In these instances, callers 将 be redirected to NHS services or current Government guidance.


          Areas of Support

          The service 将 provide information (or signpost to services) in relation to the following priority areas: 

          Employment and self-employment

          ·         Employment and skills support programmes

          ·         Temporary staffing agency workers

          ·         Those under threat of redundancy or made redundant

          ·         自雇人士

          ·         Zero hours contract workers

          ·         被下岗

          ·         Retraining or developing new skills

          ·         Sick Pay and Processes


          The interim website is here: //www.ciosgrowthhub.com/peoplehub


          Social links are:




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